In India, many individuals make a living by selling in the markets or bazaars and an estimated. Many of these people must resort to using Kerosene lamps in order to provide a source of light for their stores, while those who can afford electricity for their areas can better display their merchandise leading to more sales. Kerosene usage is not restricted to the markets but is also excessively used in the home, resulting in many negative health complications.  The goal of this product was to create a light they could use both at the market as an area light and home as a personal light, while still relying on a form of renewable energy.
india's complicated and flawed power grid // family using their kerosene 
infographic conveying india's electrical crisis
Color Scheme 
Holi (festival of Colors) - Asha
The color palette as well as the name of the product are derived from the ideas of hope. Holi, the festival of colors, is a festival that represents the changing of season and the coming of spring. Therefore, this festival has fortified itself with the ideas of love, new beginnings, and change. All inspirational ideas this product may provide as they step out of the dark. The name, Asha, plays off the similar ideas, it is typically a woman's name but meaning of the name is "hope". 
The Voto fuel-cell has a two prong charger that charges from the heat generated by an open flame. While one end contains a fuel cell that is place into the flame the other end holds the rechargeable batteries that is receiving the generated heat. This charging method could be easily adopted by both the Indian culture of those in the slums and the camping community as cooking on a flame is used in both scenarios. The usage of this technology allows the user to recharge the device at any hour whether night or day and adds flexibility to the design as it relinquishes a bulky solar panel. 
Ideations on Transitions
This phase of the ideation process shows different methods to switch from a directional light to an ambient light. Above, are a few of the iterations varying from flipping open, to a banana peeling method, and finally a collapsible one. 
iterations of ribbed proponents to hid the seam that separates the top half from the bottom as well as giving a pattern that fits the handle comfortably in the design. 
line up // exploded view of components
physical model // rendered model 
Process of Usage from charging to market
camping equipment scene // bazaar scene
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