The Black Employee Network
Agency: Mosaic                  
Client: TishmanSpeyer

The Challenge
I recently joined the Black Employee Network (BEN) as an ally. One of the hurdles they keep encountering is that no one at the company knows/recognizes there is a Black Employee Network. Rob and senior management are all on board with the Network, but they’re basically having a recognition problem within the rest of the company.
One of the things I thought could be helpful was creating a logo and brand for the BEN, something that could be immediately recognizable to all employees. 
Besides recognition, I think that a brand and logo would help unify the network and give everyone something to rally around and give the network some gravitas.
My Role
Designers: Juan Trapp & Robyn Cambruzzi

Initial Concepts
The initial concepts floated between the ideas of unity, connectivity, being bold, and being included. The initial concepts worked but lacked any sense of a unique identity as well as lacking the culture profoundness of the Black diaspora.
Step Back and Mood Board
I looked towards black art and the patterns created with shapes; modular in a way. Simple lines and shapes being joined together to create a rhythm and a complex pattern. 
Creation of a Pattern
I used the letters as shapes; flipping and turning on themselves to create a modular system that could emulate the patterns seen in cultural art. 
Final Logo and Graphic Device
Due to the complexity of the pattern we paired used a minimal logo to lead that is then supported by a complex cultual graphic device. The juxtaposition of the two gives a modern expressive identity.
Two logos (Stand alone logo, and Logo paired with parent organization)
Graphic devices to be used to create patterns
Logo and Device in use
From Banners, to poster, to bags these are a variety assets of the logo and graphic design in its full breathe.
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