The Black Employee Network
Agency: Mosaic                  
Client: TishmanSpeyer

The Challenge
The Black Employee Network (BEN) has been facing a challenge in gaining recognition within the company, despite support from leadership and senior management. The network has struggled to raise awareness among other employees, which has hindered its growth and impact. To tackle this issue, a graphic design challenge has been proposed to create a logo and brand for BEN, with the aim of developing a distinctive visual identity that will be immediately recognizable to all employees. This would not only address the recognition problem but also unify the network and provide members with a sense of purpose and direction. By rallying around a shared brand, BEN can increase its visibility, impact and gravitas within the company.
My Role
Designers: Juan Trapp & Robyn Cambruzzi

Initial Concepts
During the initial concept phase, several ideas were considered, including unity, connectivity, boldness, and inclusion. While these concepts had some merit, they were deemed insufficient in terms of creating a unique visual identity for the Black Employee Network (BEN). Additionally, these initial concepts were found to be lacking in cultural profundity, which is crucial in representing the Black diaspora. Further exploration is needed to refine the concepts and develop a design that accurately reflects the values and aspirations of BEN.
Step Back and Mood Board
Upon taking a step back and exploring art across the African diaspora, the focus shifted towards black art and the unique patterns created through the use of shapes. These patterns were found to be modular in nature, with simple lines and shapes being interconnected to form complex and rhythmic patterns. This observation highlights the importance of drawing inspiration from the rich artistic heritage of the Black diaspora, as it offers a unique visual language that can be used to create a distinctive and culturally relevant design for the Black Employee Network (BEN). By incorporating similar patterns and shapes into the design, the final product can better reflect the values and cultural profundity of BEN.
Creation of a Pattern
In the creation of a distinct pattern for the Black Employee Network (BEN), a unique approach was taken. The letters of the network's acronym were used as shapes, which were then flipped and turned to form a modular system. This approach allowed for the creation of a pattern that emulates the intricate and rhythmic patterns seen in art styles I took inspiration from. By using the letters as a basis for the design, the resulting pattern has a personal connection to BEN while also drawing on the artistic heritage of the Black diaspora. This approach highlights the importance of exploring unconventional design methods and drawing inspiration from diverse sources when creating a visual identity that is both meaningful and culturally relevant.
Final Logo and Graphic Device
Due to the complexity of the pattern we paired used a minimal logo to lead that is then supported by a complex cultual graphic device. The juxtaposition of the two gives a modern expressive identity.
Two logos (Stand alone logo, and Logo paired with parent organization)
Graphic devices to be used to create patterns
Logo and Device in use
From Banners, to poster, to bags these are a variety assets of the logo and graphic design in its full breathe.
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