Bigyan defined in tagalog means "to give", which I held as a concept for the project. The Philippines, as well as many other parts of the world, is disastrously affected by an overwhelming amount of pollution. The number 1 pollutant in this area specifically tends to be plastic bags. Therefore the concept of the project was to merge this pollutant with a naturally occurring material, in the form of furniture,  so that the citizens could use this pollution to their advantage while cleaning up their environment. 
While researching the Philippines I came across rattan, a plant similar to bamboo but has a solid core. This material is used in the Philippines and neighboring countries often to make furniture and other products. Due to their familiarity with Rattan I decided to use it at the complimentary structural material with the plastic bags. 
Wire Models
Wire models were created to quickly give a general  3D visual of the design as well as a minimal idea of the designs physical strength and integrity. From this step it was decided which direction, in terms if design, that i would approach.  
PVC Model
The PVC model was designed to scale so that height as well as strength could be tested, Each joint was woven in a different ideal style to attempt to find the optimal balance of strength and aesthetics while mostly leaning on the functionality aspect. The top was woven in multiple patterns in which the plastic bag rope would be woven to create the seating surface.  
step by step production guide
production // detailed joint
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