Ethical Bean wanted to give back to the community and host a contest that would raffle away "escapes" for essential workers in order to honor the contribution during the pandemic.
The Challenge
Ethical Bean has  very loose brand guidelines and was looking to have their brand pushed with this temporary site launch. The company was looking to give back and felt that the idea of "fantasy" , "wonder" and "adventure"  were key emotions they wanted to invigorate.   
My Role
 Designer: Juan Trapp
Concept One
This concept focused on the possible award space the contestants could partake in and the interface lent itself to a high-end ethereal feel with the weightlessness of "glass". The opacity of the glass also blurred the vision allowing the consumer to only wonder what other potential adventures lie behind the faint screens.
Concept Two
This concept played more towards the clients security in brand identify so that we do not push the envelope in a direction they were not as accustomed to while still maintaining strong aspirational imagery. 
Concept Three
This concept focused on imagery as the pull and backed away from the user's need to scroll as we wanted the onboarding process to be direct flow that minimized exit rate. We established at weighted CTA that sat at the bottom of the screen essentially closing the screen. The images in the background would scroll so that the user may see the various possibilities.   
As we progressed a fine tuned what the user should scroll through and where we should use the weighted CTA to conclude the page.  We also shifted towards a lighter palette to reiterate an airiness that Concept One attempted to capture as well as not directly juxtaposing copy next to each-other by utilizing negative space. 
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