Spring 2020 Creative Concept
They call us the nostalgia generation. Digital cameras, social media, and streaming services allow us to compulsively reconnect with the safest, warmest eras of our lives: childhood. So, the ‘90s is now. Skate culture has flipped from fringe to mainstream, hip-hop is the biggest genre in America, and the influence of grunge is apparent in our music, fashion sense, and attitude.  
Inside the social media revolution, young people are expected to build a distinctive aesthetic; their Instagram account acts as a personal lookbook. So, our Spring campaign will be our customers’. Our photos will look and feel like a slice of life from the younger members of the communities that support us. Our models will pose in their ‘natural’ element: in the back of a bodega clutching a brown paper bag, sitting on top of a skateboard on the outskirts of an urban park, or gathered on an abandoned Brooklyn rooftop with a group of their friends.
Shot on film and framed like carefully curated social media posts, we remove artifice, embody the emotions of our audience, and allow the colors of spring to come alive.
Agency: Jimmy Jazz                   ​​​​​​​
Creative Directors: Juan Trapp, Thalia Garcia, & Laura Stewart
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