Nodo means node in Spanish, a point where two paths intersect. Currently, in today's society people are becoming living in a somewhat paradoxical world. We are more attached in each other via social media and smart devices but also more detached in the physical realm. The connections we build end at the screen doesn't delve to any deeper level of interaction or understanding of each other. Growing numbers of people are feeling ignored and unimportant for example; black lives matter movement, middle america, and the rising numbers of suicides. Nodo's purpose is to bring people back to the moment of now to appreciate and realize those physically here and facilitate the idea we all matter and affect one another.  
side by side visual of  reality with the metaphor of detachment conveyed in Wall-E
How to Gain attention
A decision was made that in order to have people release their fixated attention from their devices something has to occur to garner their attention. In order to demand attention the product will have to lend itself to one of the 5 senses. These sense give people awareness to their surroundings. 
Sensory Art
For an understanding of methods that utilize the sense to gain an appreciation for a subject I explored the works of other artists and designers. Some of which used water to create rippling effect to display the effect we have on the world, and others used food that gave a more appreciative feeling to the art they are observing. 
initial sketches explored the various forms of attention grabbing effects via public seating 
after viewing the Buddhist spinning prayer wheel lasting impact from people's hands on the color inspired me to approach the sense of touch   
Exploration of materials was necessary to find one that was both mold-able but heals. I decided that i did want a material that was affected physically by the users but not to the extent of it no longer being usable therefore after a prolonged time the product would ideally heal itself. I decided to go the route of magnetic liquid silicone and test a theory i had for healing properties. 
sketches of magnetic grid that would always pull the magnetic silicone back to core
healing process of the silicone from left to right over a 24 hour time from
product usage
Outer layer and Core
The outer layer was covered in Lycra for its durable and flexible nature to prohibit and users from stealing any of the silicone as well protecting them from the silicone. The center was designed to be sturdy for support but heavy as well to prevent any thefts as it will be in an open public space. 
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