Polo Ralph Lauren wanted a new perspective and fresh look on their new retail line. The clothes consisted of items such as sweatpants, varsity styled jackets, and button down shirts. The clothes are casual while the overall brand of Polo imagines itself in formal setting. We attempted to fuse the casual/urban world, that this collections embodied, with their formal/classic identity.
Agency: Jimmy Jazz                   
Client: Polo Ralph Lauren
Dusk 'Til Dawn
Two friends lounge in a classically designed diner. They’re wearing comfortable, casual, yet unmistakably elegant Polo outfits. While we cut from piece to piece, we notice elaborate stamps, surely from some exclusive event, fading from the backs of their hands. At their feet, some retired formal apparel from earlier in the evening peeks out of various tasteful tote bags. Beyond big glass windows, it seems to be just before sunrise. 
Exhausted ecstasy covers these friends’ faces. It’s been a long night, but neither can bear to let it end. So instead, they gather in this empty diner. They might’ve stopped anywhere, but a strong sense of nostalgia drew them here. After being out in a crowd all evening, they’re glad to reconvene at the end of it, just the two of them, to keep the good mood going, and to retell the tales of this memorable night, together.
My Role
Creative Directors: Juan Trapp & Thalia Garcia
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