Sneakers are the highest sold product within Jimmy Jazz and therefore a lot of respect is given to the merchandise. When shoes are provided by retailers sometimes they are supplied with assets but many of the times they are not so it is up to the store's creative team to design the art direction around the product from the graphics to photo style so that the product could stand out amongst competitors trying to sell the same product. 
Agency: Mosaic                  
Client: Tishman Speyer
The Challenge
I recently joined the Black Employee Network (BEN) as an ally. One of the hurdles they keep encountering is that no one at the company knows/recognizes there is a Black Employee Network. Rob and senior management are all on board with the Network, but they’re basically having a recognition problem within the rest of the company.
One of the things I thought could be helpful was creating a logo and brand for the BEN, something that could be immediately recognizable to all employees. 
Besides recognition, I think that a brand and logo would help unify the network and give everyone something to rally around and give the network some gravitas.
My Role
Art Director + Designer: Juan Trapp, Thalia Garcia, & Asuza Yoneta
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