Urbana Pop, a popcorn machine, takes the opposing fun lighthearted nature of popcorn and juxtaposes with by a parasitic relationship. The process from kernel to popcorn that falls through the opening of the appliance mimics the parasite egg's hatching and then escape from the host. 
After reviewing the life cycle, from the egg to hatching, an immediate connection was observed between the parasite and popcorn. In both of the initial phases, they start as a small individual speck that eventually grows to eventually rupture its original "form". Eventually, the mass amount becomes to much for the vessel forcing them to pour out of the vessel's orifice. 
From the concept of popcorn the idea of films and movies came to drive the demographic of the products target market. Popcorn is traditionally consumed while watching movies and television series. Currently, with the rise of media streaming as a major source movie and television entertainment and within that nearly 40 percent belong to one generation, Y.  From this generation I derived a color palette, based specifically off the "hipster" style. 
Above are a few of the initial sketches completed abstracted the human form in a variety of ways. The popcorn represented the parasite and the "tool" used to cook the kernels would represent the host. All forms were meant to assist portray a forceful rupturing effect.
Product Line-Up // Poster Design
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